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Association Mitsinjo
Lot 104 A Andasibe Gare
Andasibe (514) Madagascar
Email: mitsinjomadagascar (at)
Tel 1:  +261 34 84 346 49
Tel 2:  +261 33 74 520 80

Vehicle hire: +261 34 96 876 74

14 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Mitsinjo Team,
    I recently visited your park on my second day in Madagascar. I liked it, it was nice. By then, I still wasn’t aware of the forest depletion I would see later on.
    Now I know that you all are heros!
    I congratulate you an encourage you to go on.

    If you have any influence in tourist programs, try to make the tour operators to bring European tourists to your park at the end of their trip. It will give your park and your work much more attention (and funds, I guess).

    While I proceed to a donation, I wish you the very best and lots of success.


  2. Hello,
    I grew up in Madagascar and am finally bringing my own family to visit in April. We will visit Andasibe and I love the idea of planting a tree. Would it be possible for us to do?


    • Yes! When you arrive you can come to Mitsinjo reception, located across from the national park entrance. You can do the reforestation circuit which can also include a tree planting.


  3. I am travelling to Andasibe in August with the intention of visiting a few of the national parks. I’m staying in the area from the 14th to the 17th and your organisation sounds perfect for what I’m looking for! Would it be possible to go on a night walk on the 14th and then visit Mitsinjo park on the 15th, torotorofotsy on the 16th and mantadia on the 17th? Or is this something I should just organise when I arrive? I’m also still looking for accommodation in the area. Would you be able to out me in touch with a reasonably priced guest house in the area (vohitsara caught my eye but I can’t find an email address.) Or do you provide any alternative accommodation to camping?


    • Dear Will,

      All of the logistics for your trip can be arranged at Mitsinjo’s office once you arrive, which is open until around 4 pm everyday. A visit to Torotorofotsy and Mantadia usually requires a private vehicle, which often can be found in Andasibe but may more reliably be found if you are coming from Tana and then hire a driver to accompany you during your stay, or you can just arrive and see if a vehicle is available the day you want to go. Vohitsara is a good option for affordable accommodation and you can try emailing todisoanante (at) gmail (dot) com to make a reservation. Other popular and affordable hotels in the area include Feon’ny Ala and Hotel les Orchidees. Have a great trip.


  4. Hello, its possible to reserve a tour guide for the begining of june ?? We like to visit Andasibe NP, Mantadia NP, Analamazoatra reserve, Thank you Zdenek


    • Hi Zdenek,

      Yes, this will be possible but it is best to do it in person when you arrive. Once you are in Andasibe, please go to the Mitsinjo office and the receptionist can arrange a guide for you to visit the national park and reserves.

      Enjoy the trip!


      • Hi, thak you for quick response. We will arrive to Andasibe on the 6th of June in late afternoon and the next day morning we like to start some morning tour to watch wildlife – thats why I try to arrange tour before arrival. Or its possible to arrange a tour when we arrive to Andasibe for example at 9 or 10 p.m.?? We like to visit Mantadia NP also, to see primary forest. Its possible to arrange a tour?? Thanks Zdenek


      • It will not be possible to arrange the tour the day before at 9 or 10 pm, but you can go early the next morning. There are usually guides starting to arrive to wait for tourists at Mitsinjo by 7-7:30 AM. You can also try calling the day before to arrange it ahead of time. Either way, I don’t expect it to be difficult, there are many guides who will be happy to work with you.

        Have a great time!


  5. Hi,
    I am a masters student at Imperial College, London. Currently I am working on a research project on Plovers in Andavadoaka. I wanted to work on the ecology and evolution of snakes in Andasibe in collaboration with a professor from the University of Exeter. I would probably finish my work at Andavadoaka by mid May and plan to work on snakes for a month. Could you please send me details for doing something like this with your organization?


    • That sounds like an excellent project. I suggest organizing a trip to Andasibe to meet with members in person to discuss your research plans. Additionally, you may need a research permit. The best way to apply for one is through MICET. See for the steps to take, though there may not be time to do this ahead of your arrival. Perhaps a trip to Andasibe for a pilot project to plan future research is better than attempting to secure the required permits in time and carryout an actual study. Once you have a proposed project please email the proposal to mitsinjo (at) hotmail (dot) com. Fees will be the same as for tourists unless you have a research permit, in which case you can discuss research fees upon arrival. Unfortunately, the winter months of June-August are not an easy time to locate snakes. The best time to find reptiles in Andasibe is October-December.


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