A New Women’s Group in Torotorofotsy

One of the main challenges linking tourism to sustainable development in the Andasibe community is finding ways to ensure more than just your local guide benefit from a visit.

That’s why this past month we have been working with Project Manondroala and the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to launch the new Association Vehivavy Menalamba-Torotorofotsy, a women’s group dedicated to making local artisinal handicrafts for the Andasibe tourist market.03The group of 25 women have been working with us and the Finns to learn ways to make original handicrafts that are of a high-quality for visiting tourists. Although there are a number of small markets that sell souvenirs in the area, currently almost all are made elsewhere in Madagascar and brought to Andasibe for resale.04With this new organization the group works collectively, with all profits going back to the cooperative and directly to individual artisans. The official launch of the association and the inauguration of the women’s showroom took place on November 10th 2015. No visit to Torotorofotsy should be had without passing by to have a look!01