We recognize that conservation must be based on science. Knowledge of systematics and taxonomy are essential in order to know which and how many species we are to conserve. Ecological studies will elucidate the patterns and processes between and among these species. The species’ ecology is intricately linked with their biology and behavior. Yet, still very little is known about the unique biodiversity found here in Andasibe.

research01In that perspective, we encourage scientists of all fields to contribute to our knowledge of Mitsinjo Park and Torotorofotsy in order to enable us to make informed management decisions for these protected areas.


When working in Mitsinjo Park or Torotorofotsy, scientists collaborating with us have the advantage to do their research without administrative constraints. However, researchers must form an agreement between their institution and the Malagasy government in order to work in Madagascar. Research permits are mandatory and should be secured before arrival to Andasibe. The Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE) can help facilitate this. For working in Torotorofotsy, a consent from Asity Madagascar, the current manager of the Ramsar site is also needed.

A Mitsinjo guide is required while working in Mitsinjo Park. A professional guide from Andasibe is also required in Torotorofotsy. We can provide local logistical support such as transportation and communication/language assistance while you are here as well.

We ask that researchers please provide Mitsinjo with a copy of their permit and a brief summary of their aims and objectives at least one month before arrival. We appreciate being sent published results from studies conducted in Andasibe as well.

Fees and prices

Foreign researchers:

– One week to one month: 200,000 Ar/research permit + guide fee

Special guiding
– Botany, ornithology 150,000 Ar/group
– Tracker 25,000 Ar/day
– Porter 25,000 Ar/day
– Cooks 40,000 Ar/day/person
– Guardian 30,000 Ar/night, 10,000 Ar/day

Meetings and workshops – large meeting hall 200,000 Ar/day,
Standard documentary – 400 Euros/week
Scientific documentary – 500 Euros/2 weeks

Payment before or at the end of the filming to the receptionist or the financial and administrative manager


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