Welcome to Mitsinjo!

You will find our office and the entrance to our forest on the left side of the road leading to Andasibe village, 2 km after the turn off Route National 2 between Antananarivo and Toamasiana and 200 m before Andasibe National Park.

By the way, did you know that the famous BBC series with David Attenborough observing the Indris were filmed in the Mitsinjo Park?

2018 Prices and Fees

Mitsinjo Park Analamazaotra Forest Station
Circuits and trails

Entrance fee and guide included (free for children under 6 years) Please pay at our office. We will issue you an entrance ticket.

Circuit type Duration Price in ariary

« Babakotokely » /short circuit

1 – 2 hr

30,000 Ar/person

Louvelli” / Medium circuit

2 – 3 hr

40,000 Ar/person

« Vahimantsina » /Long circuit

3 – 4 hr

55,000 Ar/person

« Sahamamy » /Adventure circuit

4 – 5 hr

65,000 Ar/person

« Tanafisaka » / Night hike

90 min

20,000 Ar/person

Mitsinjo public terrarium – Frog exhibit

1 hr

30,000 Ar/person


1 – 2 hr

35,000 Ar/person

Hike in Torotorofotsy

4 – 5 hr

65,000 Ar/person

Visit to Menalamba Handicraft Showroom / Torotorofotsy

2-2,5 hr

30,000 Ar/person

Visit to the sacred tree

90 min

15,000 Ar/person

Visit of Andasibe village

1 hr

15,000 Ar/person

Orchid Park 1-1,5 hr – Further information at Mitsinjo’s reception

Tree climbing and canopy tours with GasiClimb30,000-50,000 Ar/person depending on the number of activities


We have sheltered campsites available near our office for your use.

Single tent site – 10,000 Ariary/night
Group tent site – 40,000 Ariary/night


Vehicle Hire

Prices below include fuel, driver, and are for up to 5 people. Please call+261 34 96 876 74 to book the vehicle and driver rather than contacting us by email.
Destination Price in ariary

Andasibe-Feon’ny Ala Hotel


Andasibe-Grace Lodge


Andasibe-Vakona Lodge




Andasibe-Vohimana Reserve


Andasibe-Torotorofotsy Wetland


Andasibe-Mantadia National Park


Andasibe-Iaroka New

sighting “Helmet vanga”


Andasibe-Ambavaniasy (Sandrasoa)




Andasibe-Tana (City)


Andasibe-Ivato Airport/Tana




Andasibe-Toamasina (Tamatave)


Andasibe-Soanierana Ivongo


Vehicle hire / one day

180,000 (fuel not included)

Other fees and prices

Foreign researchers – 10,000 Ariary/day/person + guide fee
Meetings and workshops – 150,000 Ar/day
Commercial filming – 350 Euros/month


6 thoughts on “Ecotourism

  1. Hello,

    We hope to arrive tuesday 21 around midday by taxi-brousse. Is it possible to do a walk and maybe an evening walk and to stay the night?
    How much is it to sleep in hammocks?
    We are with two.

    Hope to hear from you
    Merel and Amber


    • Hi Merel and Amber,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, there should be time to arrange a night walk if you arrive in the day. You could also try to fit in a short afternoon hike on the short circuit if there is time. Hammocks can be setup under shelters near our office for 10,000 Ar/campsite. All of this can be arranged when you arrive at our office/reception area, which is a yellow and green building ~200 meters south of and opposite the national park. Hope to see you soon!


  2. Hi, if I would like to visit Mantadia with you, are the guide fees for visiting Mantadia already included when booking the transfer Andasibe-Mantadia with you? Or would I have to pay transfer, guide fees and entry fees for the park?
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jean,

      Sorry for taking time to reply. The guide fee and entrance fee for Mantadia are not included in the transportation and need to be arranged at the Madagascar National Parks office before driving to Mantadia. Normally you can do this the afternoon before going so you can still get an early start. Let us know if you have any other questions, thanks


  3. Hello,
    please advise : is it possible with your private vehicle service to leave between 0600-0700 am on nov 17 2018 ? We are two people and want to share the price with other travellers if possible.

    We have a flight at 2.30 PM to Addis Abeba.

    Andasibe-Ivato Airport/Tana: 320,000 Ariary (all included?)



    • This should be possible. When you arrive in Madagascar, please call +261 34 12 904 82 to check. All costs are included. You might consider leaving the day before and staying in Tana to ensure you make your flight in case of something unexpected on the road, but if you leave by 6-7am it should possible to arrive to Ivato in time.


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