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20201003_093510_BWould you help us to protect this Indri and its habitat?

The funds will be used for continuing patrolling in the forest to reduce the human impact caused by illicit activities such as tree cutting or collection of firewood. Many people who stayed away from the protected areas before the Covid-19 pandemic, have returned to their old habits. With the disappearance of tourists, forests were left empty and quiet and the risk of getting caught in the act decreased. Consequently, Mitsinjo has taken steps to stop the negative trend.

20211204_080516The diademed sifaka (Propithecus diadema) has come back to Mitsinjo Park

The patrols watch for traces of fire to prevent wildfires. Our teams also monitor, if there are people who set traps for the animals. By frequent and regular patrolling, Mitsinjo aims to prevent these people from entering the protected area and to secure the survival of the lemur populations and the preservation of their home.

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20211204_110923A male paradise flycatcher in its nest