Earth Day at Mitsinjo

By Emily Schimpfle of Projects Abroad

This past week Projects Abroad and Association Mitsinjo teamed together to celebrate the 46th Anniversary of Earth Day.  We organized 6 different activities for one class of 74 children at the local primary school.  This included tree climbing, crafting, environmental education, sports, games, and a movie.  We also had a big meal with the children at the end of the long day.

So, with 6 volunteers, 5 teachers, and an assortment of other staff we started the day at the school in a parade with the children to Mitsinjo.  Once we arrived at the office and forest reserve, the kids were divided into 6 groups and the festivities began.  While the day didn’t go exactly as planned, we could tell the kids had a blast. It was their first field trip like this ever.  Everyone was able to make a musical instrument with used plastic bottles or bottle caps.  The kids flew down on a small zip line made especially for them with Mitsinjo partners Gasy Climb.  They learned about the importance of picking up trash and drinking clean water.  They were also able to let out some energy through sports and games at the national park.

At the end of the activities while we waited for food the children drew Earth Day related pictures.  To say we were all amazed at how talented they are at drawing is an understatement.  Kids drew things from flowers to lemurs to people.  Once the food was ready to be served everyone created a line waiting for the rice, beans and zebu.  We had bought 24 Kilos of rice thinking it may not be enough but in the end everyone had two servings.  After a full meal and some dancing the day came to an end with a walk back to the school.  While it was an exhausting day for everyone, it is one we will always remember.