Vote for us! Please help us to win a grant for our Indri lemur habitat restoration project!


Our project with Money for Madagascar has been shortlisted to receive funding of € 30,000 in a vote organised by EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association).


This project is really important. The Indri cannot survive without the forest and urgent action is needed to protect and restore the Indri Lemur’s threatened rainforest habitat by joining up isolated pockets of forest. This project will reforest 20ha of primary forest by planting wildlife corridors of 24,000 trees consisting of over 60 native species. The long term goal is to restore 290 ha of primary forest. The project will help Association Mitsinjo to generate funds for further reforestation by increasing the number of visitors to the park. Restoration of 4km of existing rough trails and the creation of 4km of new trails will improve the available guided tours. The new route will take visitors into heart of the forest to a hidden lake, to see the wide range of birds and amphibians. Training in responsible agriculture and alternative income generating activities will reduce the need for families living around the forest to engage in slash and burn agriculture.

This is an international competition and there are many other candidates. To win we need to get tens of thousands of votes. Voting closes on the 22nd of October. 


Voting is easy and costs you nothing. It could make a huge difference to the future of the endangered Indri lemur and the communities who live around the forest.

Thank you for your support!