For Tourists


We offer more than 12 km of trails for hiking and wildlife viewing within Analamazaotra Forest Station. The four established circuits last from 1-5 hours in length and cost between 25,000 Ariary and 50,000 Ariary per person. For the more adventurous travelers, the option to hike in remote areas of the Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site provides endless possibilities to get off the beaten path and explore less visited areas of the region.

Trails in Analamazaotra Forest Station are easy to moderate in hiking difficulty. There are several inclines on most circuits. Hiking in Torotorofotsy is more difficult as the trails are often steeper and infrastructural support less developed.


Do not miss the opportunity for a night hike in our forest. While no longer possible within the nearby national park, our community-run reserve is still open to those interested to search for mouse lemurs, listen to the frogs, or stumble across sleeping chameleons after dark. Night hikes usually begin between 18:00 and 19:00 and last around an hour and a half.


We have more than 25 experienced guides who look forward to taking you into the forest. All of our guides speak Malagasy and French and most also speak some English.

Guides are mandatory in all protected areas in Madagascar, including our forests. No reservation is needed and all arrangements can be made at our office the day you arrive. If there are particular species or taxa you are especially interested in, please let us know and we will pair you with the best person for the job. Most Mitsinjo guides can also take you to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Vohimana Reserve, Maromizaha, or any of the other forests around Andasibe.


Tree Climbing and Canopy Tours

Experience the rainforest from the top! GasiClimb operate several climbing spots within Analamazaotra Forest Station. Their trained personnel have worked above ground in the canopy throughout Madagascar, both with tourists and researchers. In Mitsinjo’s forests you can climb a tree, sleep overnight in a hammock and zip-line down to the ground. All of this can be arranged at our office.


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