Human Health and Family Planning

In collaboration with Voahary Salama, Mitsinjo helped run a diverse set of initiatives between 2004 and 2009 targeted at improving the health and well-being of the Andasibe-area population.


Some highlights of the project and related work include:

  • Family planning trainings and distribution of contraceptives
  • STD awareness and related testing
  • Water sanitation as part of the Wash Project, which included improving available lavatories and distributing information and raising awareness of best hygiene practices
  • Distribution of mosquito nets and informing community of issues related to malaria and other disease transmitted by mosquitoes
  • Installation of wells in rural areas around Andasibe previously without safe sources of drinking water
  • Trained Agent du Santé du Base Communitaire and helped highlight the important links between the health of people and the health of local ecosystems

We also have worked to install and repair vital infrastructure, including rebuilding the primary school at Maromahatsinjo in Torotorofotsy following its destruction after a cyclone, as well as helping to start a dispensary which would allow people in rural areas better access to their medications.


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