Welcome to spend a night (or more) at the Mitsinjo-MDI Research Station

Mitsinjo has now more options to offer for staying overnight close to the nature. Those who prefer a bed to a sleeping bag and tent at the campsite, may find a room at the Research station of the Mad Dog Initiative (MDI) very suitable and affordable.


The station is a fruit of collaboration between the Mad Dog Initiative and Association Mitsinjo. The house is hidden by the forest, though it is only at a stone’s throw from Mitsinjo’s office. From May to July, the scientists and veterinarians need the station for their activities, but otherwise it is open to tourists and other visitors.


The station is a two-storey building with eight rooms for accommodation. Upstairs, there are two single rooms and five rooms for 1-3 persons. The other facilities on the 2nd floor include two toilets and two showers with hot water.

20230117_092804A single room

Examples of rooms for 1-3 persons


Downstairs, there are two toilets and one shower. There is also one single room and a large dining hall with a cosy corner.


The paintings on the wall were created by two young scientists who were volunteering
with the Mad Dog Initiative in Andasibe in 2022.

For further details, please see Ecotourism/Fees and prices.

Photos: Ulla Aitakangas


Protecting wetlands, protecting our future

The World Wetland Day was celebrated on 2 January 2023. In Madagascar, the national event took place in the Torotorofotsy Ramsar site in Andasibe. It was also the day for the official opening of the annual reforestation campaign in the Alaotra-Mangoro region. Thus, there were participants even from other parts of the country, invited by Asity, the manager of the Ramsar site. Representatives of associations and organisations working in the environmental sector had come to Torotorofotsy to do their share. In addition to Mrs Marie-Orléa VINA, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, many officials of the Ministry and of all other sectors of administration from national to local level were present, the Governor of the Alaotra-Mangoro region and the Member of Parliament of the Moramanga district included. Naturally, local inhabitants arrived in great numbers to participate in the planting, too.


At the request of the Ministry, Mitsinjo helped in the arrangements of the day. Our contribution was essential. Our Tontolo maitso project provided the 4000 seedlings planted during the event.

Moreover, our environmental education team had prepared program with a group of children from the public primary school of Menalamba. They presented sketches and poems about environmental issues. They also gave a theatre performance on deforestation and climate change. As usual, there were competitions especially for children and youth.

IMG_20230202_122949The text in the T-shirts declares: “For every child, a healthy environment”.

After the event in Torotorofotsy was over, there was a luncheon at Mitsinjo’s premises in Ankaizinina, Andasibe. 150 guests (representatives of organisations and administration) enjoyed the meal offered by the Ministry.

Photos: Iréne Toutoune RAMANANTENASOA, responsible for environmental education/Mitsinjo