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A view of Andasibe village from the road to Torotorofotsy and Mantadia. The forest in the background is Analamazaotra.

A view of Andasibe village from the road to Torotorofotsy. The forest in the background is Analamazaotra.

A four hour drive east from Antananarivo, our office is located on the left side of the road as you drive towards Andasibe village after the turn off Route National 2.

Mitsinjo Park is adjacent to Andasibe National Park and is within walking distance from most hotels in the area. Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site is 14 km northwest of Andasibe and takes around 1 hour to drive to from the village, or is a 2-3 hour walk.

Travelling to Andasibe

Taxi-brousse in Andasibe leave throughout the day to Moramanga. The trip takes around 1 hour.

A taxi-brousse in Andasibe. Vehicles leave throughout the day to Moramanga. The trip takes around 1 hour.

Taxi-brousse from Antananarivo

In Tana, go to the Gare Routiere in Ampasampito to take a taxi-brousse to Moramanga. They leave frequently throughout the day until around 17:00-18:00. The trip takes 2-3 hours.

Once in Moramanga, transfer to a taxi-brousse to Andasibe. These operate from the morning until around 18:00 and usually take 1-2 hours. You will be dropped off in Andasibe village unless you ask to get off at a hotel elsewhere.


The taxi-brousse station in Moramanga. Upon arrival from Antananarivo, transfer to a new vehicle to Andasibe. The complete trip by taxi-brousse from Tana – Andasibe takes between 3 and 5 hours.

Taxi-brousse from Toamasina (Tamatave)

In Toamasina, take a taxi-brousse to Antananarivo in the morning and ask to get off at “Antsampanana Andasibe”, which is the junction of Route National 2 and the road to Andasibe. Taxi-brousse depart Toamasina for Tana between 6:00 and 8:00 and usually arrive at the junction between 11:00 and 13:00.

At  Antsampanana Andasibe there are several hotels nearby for accommodation. Our office is another 2 km walk down the road from here.

Vehicle Hire

Hiring a private car is the easiest way to travel. We can provide our vehicle and driver to you for transport to and from Antananarivo, Toamasina, Moramanga or elsewhere. Please contact us to make a reservation.

Mitsinjo offers vehicle transport throughout the area.

Our Land Cruiser. Contact us in advance to book our car.


Located at approximately 900 meters above sea level and at 18°46 south latitude, the climate of Andasibe is comfortable throughout the year. The cyclone season is between January and March. Our driest months are October and November, though it can (and does) rain any time. The months of June through August are cold and damp, with nighttime temperatures frequently dropping as low as 6-8°C. If you visit during these months don’t forget to bring warm clothes!


There are more than a dozen hotels in the Andasibe area, many of which are within walking distance of our office. For the naturalists and travelers on a budget, we offer covered camping sites at the entrance to Mitsinjo Park. Shared flush toilets and hot water are provided for campers. We can also arrange food if notified in advance.


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