C’mon let’s have some fun!

10623503_466564120214525_1716426523904612264_o_NVA3429_FotorEddy Christin MANATIJARA (left) and Dilifera MANANTSOAVINA (right), brothers filled with passion for tree climbing, have organised activities for tourists in the trees of Mitsinjo Park – Analamazaotra Forest Station since 2005, first with the Mad’Arbres climbing association, nowadays with their new company Gasyclimb.

You can climb a tree and observe the surrounding nature from the top or spend the whole night in a hammock admiring the stars and listening to the sounds of the forest. Before it is time to go to sleep, Eddy will play Malagasy music with his guitar and valiha, a traditional instrument to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Bivouac night

Now the company is building the first outdoor tree climbing adventure park in Madagascar in collaboration with the EnZpire Foundation and the Mitsinjo Association. In April 2021, the grounds were cleaned to make space for construction. The first parkour was operational seven months later at the beginning of December and was ready to receive climbers. The course of obstacles is suitable for visitors from children to the elderly. The writer of this post can confirm. She definitely is not in her twenties any more, but she succeeded in passing all the obstacles, though her visit in April 2022 was her first ever to an adventure park. A trained professional was looking after her all through the parkour.


You begin the course by walking on a tight rope that is followed by many different obstacles challenging your balance and the muscles of the middle body. If you want an experience of great speed, there is also a zipline you can glide on. The writer is afraid of high places, but she got over her fear and jumped from the platform. It was not terrible at all, could do it again!

IMG_8769Eddy helping a group of children to prepare for the adventure


IMG_8834 IMG_8864



In addition to offering tree climbing in Mitsinjo’s forest and activities in the Adventure Park where a parkour for adults is currently being built, Gasyclimb organises climbing tours in the east coast and west coast of Madagascar. They also climb trees all over Madagascar supporting research and filming projects on the tree canopy.


In the lush forests of the Masoala pensinsula in eastern Madagascar







The Alley of the Baobabs in western Madagascar near Morondava





Read more about Gasyclimb and their services on their website and in Facebook.

Contact information:
tel. +261 34 56 110 13

view point

Mitsinjo rainforest canopy

Photos: Gasyclimb


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